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Florida Play 4 Lottery System

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 | Permalink

Click to learn more about the Florida Play 4 Lotto games and how to win! Now anyone can win Florida Play 4 lottery!

How to Win Florida Play 4 Lottery -

New York Win 4 won NY Win 4 lottery 18 times in 30 days (ending 7/30/14).
Ontario, Canada 15 Pick 4 wins in 30 days for the period ending 7/30/14
Maryland 18 Pick 4 wins in 30 days (ending 7/30/14)
Georgia Cash 4 lottery 16 times in 30 days for the period ending 7/25/14
North Carolina Pick 4 lottery won 17 times in 30 days (Period ending 7/23/14)
Florida Play 4 lottery won 15 times in 30 days (period ending 7/16/14)
North Carolina Pick 4 lottery (21) wins in 30 days (period ending 6/29/14)
Georgia Cash 4 lottery (18) wins in 30 days (period ending 7/6/14)

Isn’t it time you knew how to play to win GA Cash 4

The bulletproof Play 4 lottery system is the most powerful FL Play lottery strategy available anywhere at any price!

“I won Florida Play 4 lottery on 02/08/12 and won Florida Play 4 again on 2/11/12 playing for 1 day. Not to bad for 1 week.” (Jerry S. USA)

Another purchaser won Florida Play 4 on February 24th 2012 on the 2nd game.
Here’ what a Florida lottery player said today…

“Thanks!!! A friend of mine recommended your systems he says it’s one of the best he’s ever seen” (Saturn, FL-USA)

No complicated systems to learn, the Florida Play 4 system manual is power-packed and fully illustrated showing you what to do! Forget pen and paper workouts and no previous knowledge or experience of any daily lottery game is required to win. No pre-defined numbers or play lists and forget and endless list of numbers! I can show you the top 3 numbers possible for a straight $5,000 hit provided you wager exactly as I show you! Let me show you what to play and when to play. I let the Play 4 lotto game do all the hard work, then commence wagering when the game indicates it is ready to hand out the cash!

Can your Play 4 system get this number of hits?
Won Tennessee Pick 4 (25) times in 30 days (Period ending 9/15/2013)
Won Missouri Pick 4 (21) times in 30 days (Period ending 9/4/2013)
Won Florida Play 4 20 times in 30 days! (period ending 6/28/13)
Won Pennsylvania Big 4 Lottery 17 times in 30 days (period ending 8/23/13)
Won North Carolina Pick 4 Lottery 13 times in 30 days (period ending 8/20/13)
Won Virginia Pick 4 Lottery 15 times in 30 days (period ending 8/16/13)
Won NY Pick 4 Numbers game 23 times in 30 days (period ending August 7th 2013)

The FL Play 4 lottery system is new and features games from February 2012 – I show you how the $5,000 straight hit was obtained on Georgia Cash 4 lottery. It’s so simple, but it works! Click the book to learn more right now and remember, I guarantee the Pick 4 system and strategy works on any Pick 4, Play 4 or Cash 4 lottery game. Simple, is efficient.

I wish you much success playing Florida Play 4 lottery.
The bulletproof lottery system works on ALL 4 ball lotto games including Play 4, Cash 4, Pick 4, Daily 4 and Big 4 lottery games.
Best results obtained when used on a game with TWO Pick 4 draws per day. No more. No less.

Digital Download:
Instant download after payment processing. Each download is a digitally protected to prevent distribution and unauthorized use. The lottery systems are licensed to the purchaser for non-commercial use. If you issue a refund request, the license to use the system, is revoked. The activation key will be deleted to prevent use of the lottery system and your permission to use the system in whole or in part, is also revoked. In order to use the winning lottery systems (and they do win!) you must, by law, pay for them. Please ensure you are ordering the correct system prior to purchase.

Members Only Area
Not provided with any lottery system – requires purchase of The Ultimate Player Pack to access.

System Requirements:
A PC running Microsoft Windows (all versions)
You may order with credit or debit card, even your PayPal account.
Windows Operating System (All versions). The Pick 3 Warrior is integrated with a FREE PDF reader to ensure reliability and digital security. Once downloaded simply enter the personal activation code provided to you. This instantly unlocks your purchase.

The Pick 4 Cash Cow Lottery System

pick 4 lotto system and strategyHow to win the Pick 4 lottery quickly and consistently! The system used by pro players to win the Pick 4 lotto fast and easy using as little as 3 numbers! Hits straight and boxed and does it time and time again. Takes 2 hours to learn and no pen and paper workouts!

The Pick 4 Cash Cow is THE most powerful and effective way to WIN Pick 4 lottery games. It is simple to learn and requires about 9 minutes per day of your time to know the best number to play. In the last few days (May 6th to May 8th 2012) it won Florida Play 4 THREE times. Two of those hits were the same day. This is NOT the ‘basic free system’ provided free with The Pick 3 Warrior. It is a powerful and effective way to win ANY Pick 4 lottery game. The Pick 4 Cash Cow requires TWO Pick 4 draws per day to achieve the best (and fastest!) results.

The Amazing Pick 4 Lottery System $49.95

Licensed for USA Pick 3 & Pick 4 Games only. No international sales.
Designed exclusively for use on USA Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery games with TWO draws per day. Not designed or recommended for slow games or games such as Oregon. Requires: A personal computer running Windows (all versions) not available for MAC/IPAD.

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NOT designed, recommended or supported for use on “slow states” including Arizona, California, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Québec, Rhode Island, Washington State, West Virginia, Western Canada or Wisconsin